TimeCentre (punching in and out)

Punch in, punch out, and correct time records using TimeCentre. Watch the video or read the instructions for using TimeCentre below:

Employees can access the time clock by using opening the bookmarked TimeCentre in Chrome. In some work areas, there may be a dedicated computer for use with TimeCentre.

To use TimeCentre, begin by entering your University ID (beginning with an 8 and UI ID#)


Clocking In and Out if You Have One Rate of Pay and Position

  • Click START to clock in and click END to clock out. A "Punch accepted" confirmation message will appear after clocking in or out.

Clocking In and Out If You Have Multiple Rates of Pay and Positions

  • Click START (drop down menu will appear)
  • Select the correct job code from the drop down list and select by click on OK 
  • When clocking out, the system will default to current position the employee is working and only requires the employee to clock out selecting END

A "punch accepted" confirmation message will appear after clocking in or out.


Clocking In and Out for Lunch and Break

Select Lunch Leave when you're going on break and select Lunch Return when you return. This represents an unpaid meal period. 

Select Start Break when you're going on break and select End Break when you return. This represents a paid break period.

View Time Sheets

By selecting View Time Sheets, you can see a summary of all time worked for the current pay period. There is an option to view your previous pay periods by selecting My Time Sheet.  A drop down list will appear for you to select the pay period you'd like to view.