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Frequently asked questions

What happens if a student doesn’t enter their hours on time?
If an hourly employee does not submit their hours on time then they should email their supervisor letting them know that they forgot to clock in or clock out. Once the actual time worked have been confirmed by both parties, the supervisor will need to enter the actual time worked into TimeCentre.

Do blank time records need to be approved?
Yes. Blank time records need to be approved in TimeCentre so that payroll knows that no hours were worked during that specific pay period.

Will all supervisors need to approve the time record?
The primary supervisor will be responsible for signing off on the time record. If the hourly employee has multiple positions then all of the supervisors will need to collaborate and communicate with one another to let the primary supervisor know that the hourly employees time record for their specific TimeCentre job code is correct.

How do the break and lunch buttons work? What is paid?
The hourly employee will need to access the eTimeclock and sign in by enter their University ID beginning with an 8. They will then click on either lunch leave/return or start break/end break. Lunch Leave is selected when going on break and Lunch Return is selected when returning. This is an unpaid meal period. Start Break is selected when going on break and End Break is selected when returning. This is a paid break period.

Will TimeCentre send an automated email to me reminding me to approve my hourly employee’s time records?
TimeCentre does not have an automated email that will be sent to supervisors. However, your local HR contact will send out emails periodically to remind supervisors to review time records in TimeCentre.

Will there be a designated computer for each location for hourly employees to clock in and clock out?
Yes. HR sent out communication to supervisors requesting for information for computers that will be used as a designated computer for all locations/departments.

Is an hourly employee able to clock in at the CRWC and then clock out at the Field House?
Yes. If your department has a designated computer at each location then your hourly employee is able to clock in or clock out at any of those locations. Please note, supervisors will need to review the IP address to ensure that the clock in or clock out location is accurate.

If an hourly employee is off-site and does not have access to a designated computer, how do they log their time worked? If communicated to supervisor beforehand, are they able to clock in and clock out using their mobile device?
If an hourly employee if working off-site then they will need to commutate their actual time worked to their supervisor following the end of the shift. The supervisor will then either need to work with their local HR contact to enter the hours into TimeCentre or the supervisor will needs to enter the hourly employees actual time worked into TimeCentre on their behalf. Hourly employees are not eligible to use their mobile device to clock in or clock out into TimeCentre as the IP addresses with not be a pre-approved designated computer.

Is it possible to add a TimeCentre card swipe time clock rather than the eTimeclock?
Prior to moving forward with TimeCentre, the preference for either a traditional time clock or an eTimeclock was offered to the leadership team. The leadership team chose to go with the eTimeclock rather than the traditional time clock at this time.