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Final review and approval


All time worked should be corrected and approved by 5:00pm on Monday following the close of the pay period.  If a payroll Monday is a holiday, then Tuesday at 5:00pm is the deadline.

  1. Login to TreeRing
  2. Review exceptions at the close of the pay period to make sure all corrective action is complete.
  3. Verify that all time worked is on the correct job code by clicking Edits → Time Management → Timesheet and then:
    • View the Jobs column on the time sheet
    • Correct by clicking on Assign and Redistribute
    • Use the drop down and select the correct job code and click SaveJobs column
  4. Verify that the Total Time is correct.
    • This allows you to reconcile the total time worked to the employee’s work schedule. It is a way to make certain that the employee is to receive payment for all scheduled shifts.
  5. Review Start Location and End Location
    • Review the location the employee clocked in and out to ensure the employee is using the correct web clock or time clock they have been assigned to use. Identify if there is a discrepancy in the start or end location such as the one highlighted. It is most important that the supervisors confirm that the time worked time noted in TreeRing matches the employee’s work schedule.timecentre start end location
  6. Verify correct the employee and pay period, make sure that "Show Approvals" is checked near the top of the screen and click on Sign Off to finalize the pay period.timcentre signoff
  7. Blank time records need to be approved in TreeRing.
  8. If supervisors have a shared employee, the two supervisors need to coordinate with one another to make sure the time has been reviewed as only one supervisor will initiate the approval in the system.