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Advertising Positions

Supervisors must submit a request to advertise their position(s) in order to allow for applicants to apply.

How to Advertise a Position

Log in to HR eForms and select Advertise Position

Enter the applicable information for the position by utilizing drop-downs and typing information where required in the following fields:

Department – Use the drop-down menu to select appropriate organization.
Job Location – Use the drop-down menu to determine physical location of position.
Job Title – Use the drop-down menu to select appropriate position
Only positions that physically work in that location will appear as an option. Once the Job Title is selected, Department #, Job Code, Supervisor Name, Supervisor Email, and Hourly Rate of Pay will automatically pre-populate.
Supervisor Phone – Enter the supervisor's phone number.
Hours Per Week – Example: 10-15 hours/week.
Work Schedule – Examples: M,W,F 8 am-1 pm, or M, Th - hours vary between 8 am-5 pm.
If you're hiring for multiple positions at same time, you may opt to leave Work Schedule blank and upload a schedule under Upload Work Schedule.
Email your local HR contact if the current posted position needs shifts changed and/or updated.
Upload Work Schedule – Used to upload a document containing schedule information, if needed
Begin Advertisement Date – Used to indicate when the position should start advertising
End Advertisement Date – Used to indicate when the position should end advertising
Additional Information – Add information here if further explanation or information regarding the position is needed. Example: Email resume and cover letter to
Get email notification when it is posted? – Check this box if you want an email notification once the position has been posted.
Submit – After submitting the position, if editing is necessary, please contact your local HR contact.

HR will post the position on Handshake and the departmental website if applicable within two business days of request.

After the position is posted under appropriate advertising resources, HR will click on checkbox confirming that the posting is complete. The system will then send a “position posted notice” email to supervisor (see below).

HR will follow up monthly with the supervisor to determine if posting needs to stay live or be extended.