The following are procedures and expectations related to the use of the application portal:

Launch DSL Application Portal

The supervisor view on the DSL Application Portal has two options.Only positions you are a supervisor or backup for will appear.

  • Dashboard – used to review current and past job postings, along with closing date, and number of applications.
    • Supervisor and backups have ability to review all current and former applications
  • Search applications – used to search applications with more specific details
    • Example: search for availability by imputing day of the week, start time, and end time

What Information is Included in the Application?

  • Print This Application
  • Applicant: Name and HawkID (only if UI Student)
  • Position
  • Status of Application
  • Comment Field
  • Required Document(s) (ex. Personal Trainer Certification, Resume, Cover Letter)
  • Personal Information: Name, Email, Preferred Name, Address, Phone
  • Applicant Profile: Status (Year in school; ex. First Year Student), Current UI Student, Current Student at Another University, Work-Study, Date Available to Work, Previously Employed at UI, Can work (Overnights, Football Games, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, Summer)
  • Employment History
  • Work Availability (Sunday – Saturday)

How to Review a New Application in Dashboard View

  • Once a new applicant applies for your position, the system will send an “application received” email to supervisor and their backups.

  • Applications are only received if applicant provides required documents requested by supervisor
    • Example: Personal Trainer Certification, Resume, Cover Letter, Water Safety Instructor Certification, Lifeguard Certification
  • Login to DSL Application Portal using HawkID and password; select Dashboard
  • Under Open job postings, supervisors are able to view new and previous applications by clicking on applicable position

  • Under Search Results all of the applicants for the job posting will display
  • Locate employee under search results and select their record by clicking on Last Name
  • Review application to determine if applicant does or does not meet current availability of position
  • Supervisors will choose one of the reasons for status of application (supervisor must proceed in drop down menu in order to continue to view more status options)
    • New application – application has yet to be reviewed
    • Review application – application currently under review to determine if applicant meets current availability of position
    • Contacted for interview – applicant contacted to schedule interview
    • Not selected: Does not meet basic qualifications – does not meet qualifications of position
    • Not selected: Not available for shift/work hours – hours submitted do not meet current availability of position
    • Not selected: Submitted after position filled – application received after position filled
    • Not selected: Not hired, positive Referral – applicant viable even though they were not selected
      • When an applicant is not selected for any reason, the system will send a “Not Selected” email

  • Applicant withdrew: Unable to contact – applicant did not respond after being contacted
    • When an applicant is unable to be contacted, the system will send an “Unable to contact” email

  • Applicant withdrew: Withdrawal requested by applicant – applicant shared they are no longer interested in position
  • Applicant withdrew: No call no show – applicant failed to show for scheduled interview
  • Interview – applicant confirmed interest in interviewing
  • Interview confirmed – interview scheduled
  • Hired – applicant offered and accepted position

How to Review Applications in Search Applications View

  • Login to DSL Application Portal using HawkID and password; select Search Applications
  • Applications may be searched by one or more of the following options:
    • Last name – search by applicants last name
    • Submitted after – search for an application that was submitted after a pre-determined date
  • Status – search for an application based on how it was processed when it was originally reviewed
  • More than one status option can be selected at a time
    • Availability – search for applicants that are to work for a certain day of the week, start time, and end time
    • Multiple days of the week and/or start and end times can be selected at once
    • Positions – search for applications under a specific position(s) that you are a supervisor or backup for
    • Select Search and the system will display all of the applications that meet the information you requested