Manage employee hiring and termination:

Launch Data Collection System

The supervisor view or the Data Collection System has five options. Only staff within your area will appear:

  • Appointments - new hires that need to complete pre-employment process
  • Terminations - employees terminated by supervisor that have not been processed by HR
  • Processed (Appointments) - list of active employees
  • Processed (Terminations) - list of terminated employees processed by HR

How to Check the Status of a Hire

Under Process Status, supervisors are able to view which onboarding/employment paperwork items have or have not been completed. If a green check mark is next to an item listed under Process Status, that item is completed:

  • I-9 – the form I-9 is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States
  • DL – driver’s license review, if needed
  • CBC – criminal background check, if needed
    • CBC Initiated - new hire's criminal background check initiated for review
    • CBC Completed - new hire's criminal background check approved
  • ACKN Form - acknowledgement form to be signed by non-UI-student new hire
  • Class Schedule - non-UI-student must provide academic schedule
  • Offer Letter - non-student to sign to accept position
  • Ready to Process – HR will click on this button once items above have been completed
  • TreeRing – timekeeping system for your area
  • Workflow – appointment status in HRIS system

The supervisor may need to follow up with new hire if checkbox is not checked.

Termination of a Current Employee

Supervisors notify HR via Data Collection System if an employee’s appointment has ended.
When supervisor receives resignation or employee has been terminated, the supervisor must initiate termination within one to two business days after receiving notice.

Multiple positions – if the employee has more than one line/position that is being terminated, you must initiate termination for each position.

Promotion – if the employee has been promoted and will no longer work in capacity of lower-level position and will only work in newly promoted position, the supervisor must initiate termination for lower level position at the end of the pay period after receiving authorized to work email. 

Supervisors need to choose one of the reasons for termination:

  • End of employment/appointment – use only for end of term or temp appointments when leaving the University (Note:  not recommended for end of work-study).
  • Job abandonment – after 3 full pre-scheduled shifts of not calling in or showing up.
  • Misconduct – employer terminates for misconduct.  Examples include: theft, impairment, absenteeism; may be series of events or single incident of misconduct.
  • Unsatisfactory performance – employer terminates for the employee’s unsatisfactory performance.  Examples include: poor/low productivity; employee in good faith does not have requisite skills for the position.
  • No longer eligible appointment type - employer terminates employee due to lack of required license/certification or employer terminates student hourly employee due to lack of enrollment hours and/or lack of work-study funding.
  • Resignation (other position) – employee resigns/leaves for a position at another employer or an employee moves from monthly to hourly or vice versa; or student hourly to student work study.
  • Resignation – employee self-discloses resignation.

Supervisors must have prior approval from local HR contact to use one of the following reasons for termination: Job Abandonment, Unsatisfactory Performance, or Misconduct.

How to complete termination in the Data Collection System

  • Log in to Data Collection system; select Processed (Appointments).
  • Locate employee using search function; select Termination
  • Enter applicable information.
    • Reason for Termination - select appropriate checkbox based on reasoning for terminating employment.
    • Last Day Worked - last day in which the employee clocked in and worked.
    • Comment - if employee not eligible for rehire based on reason for termination, you are required to provide further explanation (Not eligible for rehire; failed to provide 2 weeks' notice). 
    • Submit Termination - click on Submit button
      • If after submission, editing is necessary, contact HR. 

If termination is submitted by error, supervisor must email HR contact as they have access to revoke the termination HR reviews reason for termination in Data Collection System. HR initiates Termination transactions in Employee Self Service and deactivates record in TreeRing within one-two business days.