Project GOLD Standard

GOLD: Goals. Ownership. Leadership. Drive.

Project GOLD Standard is our over-arching concept that will inform division work and thinking about how we shape the student and staff experience. By fostering a culture of creativity and innovation we can focus on big ideas that make a difference.  Our hope is that Project GOLD Standard will assist us in becoming a division known for innovation and supporting student success. 

The work of the Division of Student Life (DSL) is a key element to the university strategic plan and our institutional success. We need to continue to do more than maintain the status quo.  We must be innovative, bring forward new ideas, and think differently about the way we do our work. 

Note: multiple service areas may be reviewed simultaneously.

Our areas are now aligned with a shared foci

  • Student Experiences and Success 
  • Student Health, Safety, and Wellness 
  • Strategic Communications, Marketing and Branding, and Assessment
  • Core Administrative Services and Functions

We will use the Project GOLD Standard through the work of Innovation Teams to encourage enhanced collaboration on shared goals and outcomes among units and to help us give serious thought to our 'why.'

Division Staff Involvement

Staff at every level will be key participants in the work of the Innovation Team.  Involvement may be through personal participation or through various opportunities to provide input and feedback. Below is a list of ways in which staff could participate and are part of each innovation team process. Each Innovation Team may have additional steps added.

    • EMAIL SURVEY: Every DSL staff member will receive a brief, optional survey to complete

    • LISTENING SESSIONS: Sessions will be held on both sides of campus and will be open to all DSL staff members. No registration will be required.

    • WORKSHOP SESSION: An interactive session will utilize quantitative input from the survey and qualitative input from the innovation listening sessions to explore practices to help achieve the goals. Meeting notices will be sent to interested participants.

Innovation Team Facilitators

A team consisting of staff members will be charged to facilitate the work of the Innovation Team and help to guide the work to challenge the status quo and give serious thought to the 'why.'  The team will help staff to:

  • Be innovative
  • Bring new ideas to the table
  • Think differently about the way we do our work
  • Align with our foci areas

Innovation Team Stages Used by Facilitators 

Each Innovation Team will have its own specific goals and timelines; however, the facilitators of the Innovation Team will consistently use the following stages as part of the Project Gold Standard process:


  • Establish goals
  • Create a schedule
  • Determine communication plan for project


  • Gather and analyze existing information and data
  • Conduct engagement sessions- Opportunity to look at existing process or practices, i.e., budget, resources, personnel, revenue generated, expenditures, technology, etc.


  • Receive recommendations from division staff to be used for final recommendations

Workforce Planning

  • Note any staffing considerations that need further evaluation 


  • Provide recommendation to Dr. Shivers and make BIG ideas happen

Current Project GOLD Initiatives

Spring 2018: Business and marketing and design functions across the division to "re-imagine" the manner in which they support division departments. Innovation Team Goals are as follows:

  • How can we provide support for areas that haven’t had support for these services?
  • How can we maintain and/or improve current service levels for all departments? 

Project GOLD Impact

A complete listing of past initiatives and recommendations  

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